Individual vs. Team Sports: Benefits and Downsides

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There is debate as to which types of sports are better, particularly for children who are just getting started to be set up for a lifetime of good exercise habits. If you encourage your child into the wrong type of sport, he may be turned off from them entirely. Some parents worry that a child that prefers individual activities may lack the social skills that learning a team sport can provide. The fact is that any sport is beneficial to your child and both have their ups and downs.

Individual sports, such as swimming, distance running, dancing, and golfing provide the same physical challenges as other team sports. Athletes that play individual sports are often less competitive with other people, but still relish in the challenge that their particular sport offers. Instead, they are competitive with themselves. Competition starts when they square off against other individuals, such as in a marathon. Individual sports might even take more discipline, because you do not have other teammates to help encourage you along the way.

Sportsmanship and team-building skills are two life skills that may not be acquired through individual sports. Due to these facts, you will need to have your child find some other method of learning these skills, whether it be at home or through a group activity.

Togetherness is a common theme associated with team sports. Every member of a team plays a role, which is something that a child can relate to in other areas of life as he grows older. Without every member, a team is no longer a team.

Team sports can also be more costly as they require more equipment. This is especially true as your child grows rapidly during the adolescent years. For instance, a football uniform and gear is much more expensive than shoes and clothing needed for track and field. However, cost itself should not keep you from enrolling your child into a particular sport. There are accredited online colleges which provides courses on sports management and skills.

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